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Phygital Trading Card Game

    Yor is a "phygital" trading card game currently in early development. The goal of Yor is to create a game that seamlessly merges the physical and digital aspects of playing, collecting, and trading. When complete, Yor will be a game that has all the strengths of both traditional Digital and Physical trading card games, and none of the weaknesses. Since Yor is currently very early in development, your engagement and support is incredibly valuable right now, so thank you for your interest, and thank you for following, sharing, and joining the discord. Yor is meant to put the community first, and our early community members will be rewarded for their contributions.

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    What is Yor?
    World of Yor

    What is Yor?

    Yor is a digital and physical 1v1 strategy game using customizable decks of cards, similar to Magic the Gathering, Pokemon TCG, Yugioh, Flesh and Blood, as well as Magic Arena, Hearthstone, Legends of Runeterra, Gwent, etc. When playing Yor, players build kingdoms, recruit beings, and steal treasure from their opponents until one player's treasury is depleted, and their opponent is victorious. The core gameplay is very familiar to experienced TCG players, with attack/defense values, alternating turns divided into phases, and strategically important moments for players to react or anticipate their opponents moves. While still in development, the goal is for this game to have the same depth and complexity as Magic The Gathering.

    How Does Digital Collectability Work?

    While it is not the focus of the project, the technology underlying this project to make it all work is primarily based on NFTs. Each individual card is its own NFT, and physical cards have unique QR codes printed on them which reference the unique NFT owned by the player. There are a few very large benefits to using the technology in this way:

    • It easily allows players to take physical cards that they’ve bought in a brick and mortar store and use them online.

    • Since the scarce, collectible asset is the digital token and not the physical card, we are able to offer an unlimited number of reprints of physical cards to players who own the corresponding token.

    • Players who play the game digitally can easily sell their cards on a secondary market just like physical TCGs. This even allows players who only play digital to sell cards to players who only play physical - the physical player simply needs to order a print of their card once they’ve purchased it via the digital marketplace.

    These are just a few of the features planned for Yor and even more will be revealed in time. I truly believe that this technology is perfect for TCG’s, and I welcome anyone who is hesitant or skeptical of this new tech to join our community and ask questions. Given the history of scams and "rugpulls" in this new industry, caution is entirely warranted, but over time we hope that we as the team that is building Yor will be able to earn your trust by putting our community of players and fans before all else. 

    World of Yor

    So, what is the world of Yor? The first core set is based on toys I played with when I was a little kid. You may have played with them yourself, they were a series from Fisher Price called “Great Adventures”. They featured playsets with a pirate ship, a medieval castle, a Sherwood Forest, and a cowboy town, among other things. When I was a little older and had outgrown these toys, I decided to create a board game with them at the suggestion of my dad. I decided to use this as the inspiration for the world in which this game takes place. Future may be inspired by other toys, as well as games and activities experienced by kids that inspire their imagination. 

    What the game is truly meant to depict is a kid at play. This kid isn’t concerned with the realism of how well an archer with a bow might fare against a cowboy with a gun. The world of this game is meant to be a lighthearted depiction of all the excitement of a young kid at play, and fully embraces "rule of cool" over realism. The world of Yor is the world as it exists in the mind of a kid, and is intentionally fluid and ever changing.

    The name "Yor" is inspired by its two homonyms - "Yore" and "Your" - 

    "Yore" - because it is inspired by folk heroes and legends of yore;

    "Your" - because the cards are truly "yours" when you own the corresponding token.


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    Zach LaVone AKA “Captain Zachavius” - Founder

    Zach is the creator of Yor. Zach comes from a background in esports, both as a player and as a content creator, shoutcaster, tournament organizer, and more. Zach is passionate about playing and teaching games, and about the communities that enable amazing experiences in gaming. Zach is committed to a “players first” approach to games and would like to create a long lasting game that players can enjoy for years to come.


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