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How do I play Yor?

The game is still very early in development, and we don’t have anything specific to share yet. Check out the Development Blog, our discord, or social media to follow along as the game develops! Right now we are picturing a game that isn’t too dissimilar from classics like MTG, but is inspired by games that kids play with their toys.

When can I purchase the cards?

Games take a long time to develop. It's far too early right now to give out even a vague date. That said, when the time is right, we are potentially looking to crowdfund this game by selling a “founders box” NFT that will grant early supporters a “founders edition” copy of every card in the base set. This is something we’d like to have by Q1 2023, but this may change as well.

How can I support this game?

Please take a moment to follow us on social media, and join the discord. As of this moment, the game is still very very early. Expressing interest in the game publicly will help tremendously in creating the support necessary to attract talent, investors, and an awesome community.


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