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Developer Update - Protospiel Minneapolis

The following is a summary created with Descript and ChatGPT: Recently, I had the opportunity to attend an event called Proto Spiel, where I was able to play test my game, Yor, with other players and game designers, as well as network with them. Overall, it was an incredibly valuable experience for me.

One of the main things I took away from the event was the importance of meeting other designers and discussing the game design process with them. Seeing other games that are currently in development was also incredibly inspiring and motivating for me to continue working on my own game. Additionally, I made some great connections with other designers and received valuable feedback on my game.

One of the main issues I noticed with my game during the play testing was that it currently feels a bit too long. I experimented with different methods to shorten the game, such as starting with less life and having some kingdom cards in play from the beginning, but the game is not yet balanced.

Another issue I noticed was that some of my level four Kingdom cards tend to slow the game down instead of pushing it towards a finish. I plan on designing new cards that will make for more interesting decisions for players and make the game flow better.

In terms of the game's design, I received feedback on the layout and distribution of information on the cards, which I am already working on making changes to.

Overall, I had a great time at the event and would highly recommend it to other game designers and those interested in play testing games. The event, Proto Spiel, is specifically for prototype games and games in development, and it offers a unique and different experience from other board game conventions. I also got to see some really cool and creative games, such as "Get F'ed in the Wild West" and "Final Strike". If you're in Minneapolis, come check out my game, Yor, at 2DCon Unplugged this weekend.

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